Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I have only been to Mexico one other time, but I have to say it is one of my favorite places to go and just get away. The beaches, pools, food, excursions….they are all great and affordable.

This past trip was for a girlfriends bachelorette party. If you know me and how I plan things, you know I was stressed. I was stressed mainly because I had never traveled with these girls before and a trips outcome is dependent on who you travel with sometimes. I won’t lie….when I knew there were a few who had not traveled out of the country ever and all they wanted to do was club….seriously was worried I would have to babysit just to make sure we all made is back to the States safely.

Every place you travel to has its own dangers. It is important to be street smart and to pay attention to your surroundings. Now that that small little rant is over…I will share with you all of the fun details!

Before I get to the details of where I got all the decorations and goodies for the girls…let’s talk excursions and where we stayed!

The resort we stayed at was: Ocean Maya Royale. This resort is an Adults-Only All-Inclusive Resort. It was the perfect size and was as nice as the photos make it look! There are a few pools and then the beach. Sadly the main beach was covered in Red Algea because of the time of year, but it was still beautiful apart from that.

The first day we went to dinner at the Italian restaurant (Dolce Vita) on the resort, which was awesome! Now I may have just been starving since I has a 5:30am wakeup and only had a starbucks coffee cake the entire day…but I really do think that was only a small factor in why I liked it. The resort had a beach party that evening so we went over to that after dinner and danced our hearts out until around 11:30 when they shut the party down.

We started off Day 2 will an all day boat excursion which was nothing less than amazing! This was a 7 hour tour that included optional snorkeling at a nearby coral reef before you stop at the quaint little island of Isla Mujeres. The snorkel site is at what they call the “museum” which was amazing to see. There were many statues under water and the fish were beautiful. We even saw a few Barracuda! After the snorkeling we went to lunch which was at a restaurant on the beach and it was amazing. From there they took us to a port that allowed for us to go shopping but instead of getting off the boat….somehow we convinced the crew to take us to a beach and go swimming while the rest of the guests on the boat shopped! It was an absolute blast. Here are some photos from this excursion below.

For our last full day in Mexico we knew we had to go to Coco Bongo for the show. We laid at the pool all day and I even went with a few girls to get a massage before we all got ready for dinner. We tried the Sushi restaurant and then headed off to catch the shuttle to Coco Bongo. Let me tell you….if you have not done this show, you need to. It was so much fun! Think Cirque du Soleil and a club had a baby…so many amazing performances and so much dancing! Now I would not suggest to go on a weekend…it was VERY crowded. If you like being squished in a club with little moving room though then the weekend show is for you! To wrap things up on this already too long blog post…here are the goodies I got for the girls! Enjoy!

***                                                                      ***                                                                         ***

I may not be the maid of honor for this friend but I am a bridesmaid and since her MOH is significantly younger I chose to step it up. My go to place to get the girls little party favors was Target and Stag & Hen

(I linked them both here so you can shop and find the theme your bride will love)

Since we were obviously flying and my number one thing when I travel is to not check a bag….getting decorations and things was going to be hard so I only picked up a few things. I will list them out for you all here:

Bride Squad Goodies 

  1. Cups from Stag and Hen
  2. Drinking Buddies (if you have not heard of these you need them! Target and Stag both sell them)
  3. Emergency Hangover Kit (Motrin, Emergen C, ‘i do crew’ hairties)
  4. Flamingo Drink Floatie

Aside from this, we all had ‘bride squad’ swimsuits and I bought the bride a ‘bride’ swimsuit as well.

Hopefully this was helpful and hopefully you are able to add this amazing little place to your traveled list soon!






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