Changing Your Last Name – Real Talk

What they do not tell you about changing your name….is it is a lot more complicated and difficult than you would think.

I know, I know, nowadays not everyone changes their name when they get married. For me this was something I was looking forward to post wedding. Call me old fashion– but that was seriously one thing I knew I wanted to do and I actually needed to do it right away.

With a travel schedule like mine, it was a little daunting to change my name on all forms of ID, banks, credit cards and so on. I had a month and a half from getting back from my destination wedding until I had to be in London for work. Not exactly a large window to get all of this done…or so I thought. My solution?

I used HitchSwitch and it was a complete GAME CHANGER! They made everything so easy. All you have to do is fill out some basic information, purchase the package that is best suited for you, and then you just wait until all the necessary documents come to your front door. Yes it was that easy…and no I did not have to run around looking for documents or anything like that. Oh and it is so affordable!


When the package arrives not only is the box adorable (there is an image of mine above this paragraph) but it contains every document you need already filled out with your information so all you have to do is look it over, mail it in one of the envelopes they have enclosed pre-stamped (or take it in the the federal offices associated with each form) and you are done!

I needed mine changed quickly, so I went to each building and didn’t mail anything in but it was the easiest process I could have imagined. I was in and out of the Social Security Office in 10 minutes, the DMV in 15 minutes and the passport office with my passport in hand in 15 minutes. The only thing HitchSwitch did not have a form for was my Global Entry but they gave tips and tricks for all airline, credit card, bank and other miscellaneous outlets where you would have to change your name to help ease the pain of the whole process. Seriously as easy as one, two, three. The clerk at the Social Security office was shocked that I had the form and all necessary information done perfectly. She said almost always someone is missing something. Thanks to HitchSwitch I missed nothing!

Now I know that not everyone will have a breezy time going to each of those government affiliated associations like I did, but HitchSwitch made everything beyond easy and I know it will make it easy for all you Future Mrs out there too.

All I want to put out there is that changing your last name may seem daunting. Trust me, I was terrified and only heard horror stories. I can tell you HitchSwitch made all of those fears disappear within seconds and it only took me two weeks to get everything finished.

So if the only reason you don’t want to change your name post wedding is because you heard horror stories. Here is my success story and you can have the same story if you choose HitchSwitch like I did. #claimyourname

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