2018 Recap

2018 was a year of change for me. I went from a girlfriend to fiance to wife in the span of under 12 months, started a new job, launched my blog, and so much more. This year I also went through a lot of self reflection and spent a lot of time figuring out who I wanted to surround myself with. I realized a lot of people in my life, though they were great, they were also draining and really holding me back. I also never realized how CRAZY people would be about a wedding that is not even theirs! 2018 was a year of learning and even though I did not handle everything with perfect grace, I would not change a thing about it! When I began to reflect on my year, I thought it would be pretty cool to show you guys some of my highlights. So here we go šŸ™‚

Of course since I started 2018 getting engaged, that was the first thing I reflected on at the end of this year. Traveling to South Africa (literally my favorite place to date) and being asked the biggest question of my life. Everyone says you can predict this moment, myself included, and I also said I wouldn’t be one to cry when it came my time. Man was I wrong…I had ZERO idea my best friend was going to propose and I also cried like a baby (which is why you see a picture of my ring and then a photo from the day after he popped the question ha ha). These photos right here made 2018 automatically the best year.

This next group of photos are from my modeling jobs throughout this year. The first one was the week we get back from South Africa, could not have been more fitting to model wedding gowns right after I got engaged, don’t ya think?!

2018 has blessed me with a lot of travel for modeling and with all that travel came over 100 runway shows and countless photo shoots. I was able to fulfill my last year (under contract) with designer Rachel Allan, I have been modeling for them for the last 6 years. I even did their Mother-of-the-Bride catalog shoot! I was lucky enough to work with my favorite Charleston boutique Hampden Clothing again this year and shot some of my favorite looks. Last but not least, ZZAZZ Productions and Chicago Bridal Expo made it to my recap because without them I would not have worked as many runway shows as I did and I would not know some of my best friends to date. These two production companies have helped shape me and have given me the greatest opportunities all because they believe in me. I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in-store for my modeling career! (below are some more highlights)


2018 was also filled with travel, starting off by going to London for my new job. The list of travels for this year include: London, Colorado, Nashville (2x), Charleston (2x), Punta Cana (2x), DC, New York (6x), Atlanta (2x), Dallas (2x), Austin, Houston, Grand Cayman, and Utah. I am only including a few photos because more are coming from these trips in later blog posts šŸ™‚

Attended a lot of concerts and events with friends and my main squeeze….Luke Bryan, Chris Lane, Florida Georgia Line, Chris Bandi, Jon Pardi, Northern Lights to name a few šŸ™‚

I said yes to MY wedding dress at Kleinfeld’s while there for Fashion Week, partnered with Kleinfeld’s Bridal Party for all my bridesmaids dresses, met Pnina the designer of my gown, and fell in love with the gown all over again in my final fitting.

Added another fur baby to the family so Captain Jack had someone to play with. Attended the wedding of our best friends in Charleston, applied for our marriage license, oh and got legally married in Charleston for our best friends!

Obviously the absolute highlight was ending the year with out family and friends and getting married to the man of my dreams in Punta Cana!

There is a lot more that happened throughout the year, but I promise I will blog more this year so you can keep up and I don’t have to bore you with a long blog post! Let me know if there is more you want to hear about throughout 2019 and feel free to email me or comment below! **there are some fun and exciting collaboration posts coming your way**

I hope you all had a 2018 that was just as amazing as mine and cheers to starting 2019 off with a bang!



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