So, a lot of you have been wanting to learn more about my engagement and our love story…and what better time than right before we get officially married?!

Frank and I met on Tinder, yes we fall into the Tinder Success Stories, 5 years ago. Now if you talk to Frank, he would tell a slightly different story but I wouldn’t change a thing about us meeting! Since Tinder was still new when we matched and I was freshly single from a 3 year relationship, I was too intimidated to actually meet him in person. The short version of the story is: Frank and I texted and talked on the phone for months before he took matters into his own hands and decided to show up to the bar I worked at some nights and introduce himself. From that point on he and I were hooked on each other, even if I was in denial for another 6 or so months! (hehe)

Image-105 (1)

Fast forward to December 30, 2017. This day is a significant day for us but it is never a day we celebrated in the past. Frank and I just experienced our first day in South Africa. Frank knows how hard it is to surprise me so he had me plan a nice dinner for the first night, since the rest of the trip was going to be spent relaxing between excursions. Little did I know, he was going to propose at dinner!


After cage diving with great white sharks, he was a little anxious because we were running late to dinner and I didn’t understand why. There was nothing we could do about the traffic and we were in a shuttle van with other tourists from other hotels. He was busy emailing on his phone, which I assumed was work, while I was taking in the scenery out the window. We thankfully were the first hotel stop so we were only about 40 minutes behind schedule.


In the lobby of the hotel, Frank realized that he was missing his phone. I quickly walked over to the concierge and gave them the information of the shark diving place. They told us they would call them in the morning, since they were now closed, to get the information of the car company they used. This was not a good enough plan for Frank, so he decides are are going to chase his phone using find my iPhone on my phone. We get into a cab and the chase begins…only we lose it every time we are not connected to WiFi. So we stop at hotels along the way to connect to WiFi and see how far behind we are. After 30 minutes of this, we decide to call it quits and wait to see if they find it in the morning.

At this point, we are 1.5  hours late to dinner and we both still need to shower and get ready. I suggest maybe just ordering room service since it was going to be close to the kitchen close time of the restaurant once we both finally get ready. Frank also did not like this suggestion. He went upstairs to speak to the restaurant while I quickly got ready.


When we both were ready, we head upstairs together. Our table was already set up in the corner of the restaurant with views of the city and waterfront surrounding us. Frank sits and tells me he has a surprise for me to celebrate the anniversary of our first “official” date. My heart sank because I didn’t have anything for him. And well long story short…he gave me a series of cards that explained how he was ready to plan our next trip and how he couldn’t imagine life without me and next thing I know the last card asks me to be his wife and there he is on one knee next to me.

I cried my eyes out and even though the hours leading up to the moment were not planned, it was the most perfect engagement I could have asked for. I cannot wait to spend my life with my person!

Everything with Frank and I’s relationship was just so natural and fun. I never thought a dating app would be the way I’d meet my soulmate but stranger things have happened. Now we will be married before the anniversary of our engagement and I could not be more excited! Stay tuned for a post about the wedding, where it is going to be and the collaboration I have with Kleinfeld’s!



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